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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dragon Oath Goes Open Beta

Hello Gamers
Here is a Good news for all of us
@Changyou India has done it again :D
Dragon Oath is Going Open Beta and with it is Bringing a Huge Event where U can win not only T-shirts , merchandise but also I-pods and Big stuff Like I-pad :-D
I am Veryy Excited about this game
I think all of you also are
So i hope to See you all in the game :-D
Its me Your Good Freind

How To Play The Game :-

Follow These Steps and then you Can Play the Lovely game
1)Download the game from here : http://do.cyou.co.in/download/client.shtml
2) Mail Changyou India at support@cyou.co.in for Beta Keys
OR if u need them fast msg me : www.facebook.com/devilveen
3) Register Your account
4) Play the game
5) If u have any problem in the game Contact Game masters
Yurneros , Sin or law
6) If they are not available Contact me " Dante "
Hope u enjoy the game :)

Events -

The ChangYou Community Organises various events
In these Events u get not only Fun but Prizes too .
There are Various Events Like :
=> In The daily event you just have to login into the game between 5-6 P.m IST and 3 lucky winners daily win
      Exclusive Do-tshirts
2) Dragon Oath Closed Beta Party
=> The Dragon Oath Closed Beta party was scheduled on 15th March , 2012 . It had offered Gamers again
      stuff like T-shirts , merchandise and I-pods ( Yes Real ipods )
      It was as simple as this you just have to Find yurneros in a game like hide and seek the 1st to find wins :P
      Ya that easy and there were over 50 Rounds and more than 50 Players won gifts
      You  Can check the winners list here - http://on.fb.me/Beta_Party_Winners

Dragon Oath

On 21st Feb, Dragon oath was launched in India.

Dragon Oath is an award-winning MMO of great depth. Marketed Internationally under the name Tian Long Ba Bu and Dragon oath the game was ranked by the International Data Corporation as the third most popular game in China and has been awarded the "Most-liked Online Game by Game Players" by ChinaJoy for five consecutive years from 2006 to 2010. The game was also ranked amongst the World's Top Five Most Profitable Game Franchises in 2009 by Forbes. As part of its continuous efforts to spread its flagship brand worldwide, in 2011 ChangYou.com has announced a new, fully localised version of Dragon Oath, designed specifically for the Turkish market. 

ChangYou India Brings this enthralling game to India. It will take you to a Journey of Untold times and thrilling scenarios and you will get a chance to compete with the best.